Bicentennial Homecoming

Fried chicken and caramel cake never tasted so good as when shared with family and friends on the grounds of "Old Richland" Church!   
Get out your favorite recipes for great covered dishes and make your plans now to join families and friends of "Old Richland" for the 200th Anniversary of Richland Baptist Church and the influence it had on  the community and the Christian faith of all those touched by it. 

Rev. Francis Wilson, a descendent (grandson) of a former minister (Rev. F. Bartow Asbell) is travelling with his wife from his current home in New Mexico to be our very special guest speaker.   We will also enjoy musical presentations by the Wesleyan College Ensemble, the Wesleyannes, and our own Civil Folks singers.  
There will be roasted pig from the pit, pioneer family recognition, news of plans the Richland Restoration League has for the future of Richland and celebrations of all we've accomplished!  Now you know if Rev. Wilson can travel all the way from New Mexico to be here for this once in a lifetime event, you can round up  your family, pack a covered dish or two and drive on out to Richland to join in the celebration!  Call your family members you haven't seen in a while and ask them to join'll be a real family reunion!  

Remember, it's the first Sunday in October, just like always, and the service begins at NOON! That should give everyone time to get there, even if you have Sunday School at your regular place of worship and then join us afterwards.  We've invited all the churches in the Ebenezer Association as well as others to join us.  Don't miss this awesome celebration, traditions like this are examples of the ties that bind us, and make rich memories for a lifetime.

"Meet me at Richland"; I look forward to seeing you all there!

Download your copy of the fall newsletter that provides more details of this special occasion.

Long Term Planning Committee

It was a long but productive day for the committee of enthusiastic planners who meet on Saturday, Sept 10 to lay out plans for the future of Historic Richland Church.

The day began with a quick visit to the Church building and grounds, since some of the participants were only vaguely familiar with Historic Richland Church. After a short visit and brief overview of the history and mission of The Richland Restoration League, the group returned to RedHill to begin the process of reviewing the League’s mission, business structure, overall operation and recent activities and events. The formality of discussing structure and processes quickly gave way to brainstorming ideas, event possibilities, marketing, public relations, funding support. The work accomplished will be published as a report to be presented to the Board of Trustees in October.

The talented, experienced and enthusiastic group of planners included:
Dottie Etris, Executive Director of Tourism for the city of Roswell, Georgia; Sue Burrell, public school teacher, Civic leader and Chair person for Historic Preservation, City of Hawkinsville; Carl Faulk, retired and former executive with Bank of America, Augusta; Ben Sapp, Director (Interim) Georgia Sports Hall of Fame, Macon; Elizabeth Popwell, civic leader, and member of the HIstoric Preservation Committee for Hawkinsville. and Billy Humphries, Planning Committee Chair and trustee, Richland Restoration League, Inc. Many of the participants are former resident of Twiggs County
Billy & Janice Humphries hosted the session along with lunch at RedHill Lodge.
Darrell Faulk served as the committee facilitator and discussion leader.