209th Homecoming Postponed

The year 2020 has been a challenge for our nation, COVID 19 took a heavy toll on America. But, However, the Trustees of Richland Restoration League were very busy. In January we elected the first new President in 11 years, David Middleton (Danville). We saw 2 trustees come off the board in October. The Board chose to operate with 10 trustees, down from 12 in previous years. New trustees elected in October 19, at our annual meeting were Beth Entrekin, Ben Huffman, and Charlotte Kennington.

The Board voted to postpone the 209th Homecoming, and cancel the Keeping Christmas at Richland 2020 program, due to COVID 19.

Spring Structural Inspection

A spring structural inspection by Trustee Ben Huffman found major structural issues at the left front corner of the church. The 176 year old brick foundation is crumbling, and has caused the front and side support beams to separate. Two contractors evaluated the damage, with one declining to bid due to structural risks. R.C. Poss Construction of Macon, who did the roof and right-side foundation restoration in 2005, bid the work at $56,000. The Board recognized the seriousness of this issue and that adequate funds for this effort were not available. The board authorized a fundraising campaign to raise the structural funding, along with roof replacement, and painting funds. The goal set was $145,000, with the first $56,000 going to the foundation replacement. As of September 2020, $28,000 had been raised. Painting of the complete church exterior during the summer was authorized from operating funds, at $8600. When we adequate funds are available from the fundraising, this money will be restored to operating funds.

A 200th Homecoming

Oh my goodness! If you missed the 200th Anniversary celebration at Richland, you missed an incredibly beautiful day, blessed with friends and families from near and far who enjoyed the most special music, message and feast!

Rev. Francis Wilson, the grandson of Rev. F. Bartow Asbell, Richland’s last pastor before it’s doors closed to active services, travelled all the way from Albuquerque, New Mexico to stand in the same pulpit from which his Grandfather spoke.
I know his Grandfather would have been very proud of the wonderful message he brought to the pioneer family descendants and friends of Richland! His message was complemented by the most beautiful music provided by the Wesleyan College Ensemble, the Wesleyanne’s, and the Civil Folk Singers.  Read more

Thank You

A letter of thanks written to the Wesleyannes

It was a pleasure to meet you and to have both you and the lovely and most talented Wesleyannes to sing at Richland Baptist Church’s Bicentennial Celebration on October 2nd. It was a very special day for those who attended, and the Wesleyannes incredible voices lilting through the air added just the right measure of “Joy-ful” to the occasion! I can’t tell you how many wonderful comments I received from people asking me to be sure to ask you all to come again to Richland.

Please extend my thanks along with the thanks of the trustees of the Richland Restoration League, Inc. to the Wesleyannes for taking their Sunday to come and share their beautiful voices with all of us. It was truly a blessing!

We appreciate so much your efforts in arranging everything it took to make the trip and to do such a wonderful job. We know time and rehearsals and travel can be difficult, but you made it all look easy, and we are very grateful! I am sure those in attendance will not soon forget your wonderful contribution.

Thanks so much,

Long Term Planning Committee

It was a long but productive day for the committee of enthusiastic planners who meet on Saturday, Sept 10 to lay out plans for the future of Historic Richland Church.

The day began with a quick visit to the Church building and grounds, since some of the participants were only vaguely familiar with Historic Richland Church. After a short visit and brief overview of the history and mission of The Richland Restoration League, the group returned to RedHill to begin the process of reviewing the League’s mission, business structure, overall operation and recent activities and events. The formality of discussing structure and processes quickly gave way to brainstorming ideas, event possibilities, marketing, public relations, funding support. The work accomplished will be published as a report to be presented to the Board of Trustees in October.

The talented, experienced and enthusiastic group of planners included: Dottie Etris, Executive Director of Tourism for the city of Roswell, Georgia; Sue Burrell, public school teacher, Civic leader and Chair person for Historic Preservation, City of Hawkinsville; Carl Faulk, retired and former executive with Bank of America, Augusta; Ben Sapp, Director (Interim) Georgia Sports Hall of Fame, Macon; Elizabeth Popwell, civic leader, and member of the HIstoric Preservation Committee for Hawkinsville. and Billy Humphries, Planning Committee Chair and trustee, Richland Restoration League, Inc. Many of the participants are former resident of Twiggs County Billy & Janice Humphries hosted the session along with lunch at RedHill Lodge. Darrell Faulk served as the committee facilitator and discussion leader.