December 2011
Craftsmen Repair Plaster at Historic Richland

Harry Durham of Macon and his helper repair the ceiling plaster at Richland Church. Mr. Durham is a legend in historical restoration circles, a craftsmen of the dying art of plastering. Mr. Durham said he was working as an apprentice during the original restoration work on Richland in 1949.

Thanks to Rusty Poss of the Providence Group in Macon for bringing Mr. Durham to this job.

The Town & Country Garden Club Decorate

The The Town and Country Garden Club spents the day decorating Richland Church in preparation for Keeping Christmas performances. Members gathered holly, magnolia, cedar and native vines typical of those used to create decorations in the Civil War Era. Strips of colored cloths are tied to a string of jute, creating a garland to decorate the “Charlie Brown” christmas tree placed atop the piano.


Caroline Albritton & Suzanne Huffman (Left) and Denna Kross & Sharon Radebaugh (right)
build their decorations.

Homemade soup and sandwiches are prepared for lunch. It’s no wonder a few men showed up around lunchtime to volunteer their help! Just as quickly as they appeared, they mysteriously disappear after lunch is served?

Club president (2011) Duke Bowden asks onlooking members if the huge wreath placed on the front porch needs any final touches? Wow, what a grand and beautiful wreath!

The cemetery and “necessary houses” are decorated, too. Why not? After all, “necessary houses” are an important part of Keeping Christmas, a comfortable celebration.

September 2011
Bicentennial Homecoming
October 2 2011 – 12 Noon

Celebration plans are underway! The Trustees of Richland Restoration League hope you, your family, neighbors and friends are planning to be a part of the ‘family reunion’ and old Meeting of RRL, Inc. fashioned ‘dinner on the grounds’ at historic Richland Church’s 200th birthday! What a wonderful opportunity to reunite with folks you haven’t seen in years. We are extending an open invitation to every church in the county and middle Georgia area to be a part of this once in a lifetime celebration. Services start at noon, so families may attend Sunday School at their home church, then drive to Richland to share in this special day.
In October of 1911, Rev. F. Bartow Asbell delivered the message that would be the last of the first one hundred years of active service at Richland Baptist Church. That was one hundred years ago! On Sunday, October 2nd, his grandson Rev. Francis Wilson will stand in the footsteps of his grandfather and speak to descendants of many of the same families who …….read more…. 2011 Fall Newsletter
Dinner on the grounds – Photo courtesy of Walter Elliott Photography, Macon Georgia

April 2011

Clouds, humidity and big gnats greeted early visitors to the Spring Into Living History event at Historic Richland Church on Saturday, April 9. By noon, you could hear the hallelujah chorus as the gnats and clouds drifted away leaving a warmer than normal spring day for visitors coming to see Amanda Beckam and Miss Isolene, dressed in their finest, standing beside their graves and telling stories seldom heard.

Merrymakers sang, danced and mixed with visitors to make the day a memorable one. James Tapley, from Ola community of Henry County, Georgia provided wagon rides down Old Richland Road, the same road church members traveled 200 years ago.

A simple lunch fare of blackeyed peas, streak-o-lean, cornbread and cupcakes reminded us that lunch actually can be more than an Applebee’s.

Inside the church building, visitors witnessed the Ladies Willing Workers Society roll and prepare bandages for troops fighting that awful war of misunderstanding.

Others took a seat in one of the hand built pews to relax and enjoy the breezes forever moving thru the sanctuary of the old meeting house. Many remained outside bidding on those homemade cakes that have become famous among locals.

Unfortunately, the Confederate regiment scheduled to be present with their encampment was not present due to the death of a fellow re-enactor on Thursday. Services, conducted Saturday in Savannah, reminded us once again that our lives and our plans are merely tentative.

Attendance was light but for those who came, merriment was plenty.

Photos of the event

Spring 2011
RICHLAND RESTORATION LEAGUE TRUSTEE ROSE LANE LEAVELL designs Plate and pin for Macon’s Cherry Blossom Festival……

The year 2011 marks the 200th year of Richland Church. As part of the bicentennial celebration, the Richland Restoration League is sponsoring, on Saturday April 9, Spring Into Living History

Susan Burford, President Richland Restoration League, is requesting old photographs from those who had friends or families that attended Richland Church when it was functioning as a church or pictures from the annual October reunions held since restoration efforts began in 1948. Photos will be used in a presentation being prepared for the 200th Homecoming Celebration in October. Contact Buddy Faulk at 478-290-5655 for further instructions.

December 2010
Keeping Christmas At Richland Church … A Huge Success

“It was the best yet”, “It gets better every year”, “It was our first, but it won’t be our last”, “I look forward to this each Christmas season”, “This is a wonderful presentation and the church was decorated so beautifully”, and “The Confederate soldiers added so much to the program”, are just a few of the comments from some 350 patrons attending.

December 2010
Town & Country Garden Club Decks the Halls

The 2010 Keeping Christmas at Richland Church will showcase altar and sanctuary decorations provided by the Town & Country Garden Club as a community service project. Club President, Suzanne Huffman and garden club members will recreate a period 1850s celebration using native greenery and seasonal berries. A tabletop evergreen tree, like the one described by Robert E. Lee’s daughter Elly in her diary from West Point Academy in 1853 will be placed on the church’s square grand piano.

The Christmas tree will be decorated with sugared fruit, strings of popcorn, silk ribbons, spun glass ornaments, and silver foil curls, all traditional decorations for the period.

The generous talents and volunteerism of Town & Country will provide the perfect backdrop for this year’s Madrigal Holy Day Celebration. [Darrell Faulk]


October 2010

Historic Richland Church Serves As Theater For Drama Team

Twiggs Academy’s 2010 One-Act Drama Team recently presented to the community a Performance of To Burn A Witch by James L. Bray.

To Burn a Witch is a story of the 1683 accusations and witch trials in Salem, Mass.
Location of the scene is a holding cellar after ‘witches’ have been accused and before they confess. Actors included Allison Callaway, Dame Stanley; Ashley Sanders, Widow Jones; Chelsea Hudson, Ruth Hannah Smith; Katie Barron, Mary Abigail Gentry; Dalton Smith, Brother Joseph; Katy Martin, Mercy ; Danielle Goad, Sarah . Frank Hendrix is director of the school’s drama team.

Sadly, our world hasn’t changed much. It’s been over 300 years since the Salem Witch Trials, yet the human condition continues to suffer the prejudices and judgement of one another.
[Frank Hendrix]



Photos courtesy of Belynda Enzor, Editor Twiggs Times New Era

A New England Scene?
A winter scene from Currier and Ives? No. It’s a middle Georgia scene of Historic Richland Church in Twiggs County taken during the surprise snow of February 2010 ( Photographer: Hope F. Brown, Student at Twiggs County High School).