IN THE BEGINNING............ Preservation.
Neglect took it's toll on the white washed wooden structure. After formation of the Richland Restoration League (1948) efforts were primarily devoted to maintenance, protection and preservation. Families coming together for an annual homecoming event with an old fashioned dinner-on-grounds, then working together to preserve the structure resulted in a community of awareness and appreciation for family heritage, the power and inspiration of Christian influences and Old Richland Church, all intrinsically linked.
Top Photo: 1948 before restoration Bottom Photo: 1949 After restoration
As more families and a community of supporters became involved with the care and maintenance of the old church building, use of the facility increased, inspiring others to support a more ambitious plan of ...... Restoration.

Indeed, the history and beauty of Old Richland, the cemetery and natural woodland setting have a way of drawing one closer ...... closer to our history, heritage, country, and closer to our God, The Creator and source of inspiration.

Faulk - Clements Wedding - mid1950s