Spring Structural Inspection

A spring structural inspection by Trustee Ben Huffman found major structural issues at the left front corner of the church. The 176 year old brick foundation is crumbling, and has caused the front and side support beams to separate. Two contractors evaluated the damage, with one declining to bid due to structural risks. R.C. Poss Construction of Macon, who did the roof and right-side foundation restoration in 2005, bid the work at $56,000. The Board recognized the seriousness of this issue and that adequate funds for this effort were not available. The board authorized a fundraising campaign to raise the structural funding, along with roof replacement, and painting funds. The goal set was $145,000, with the first $56,000 going to the foundation replacement. As of September 2020, $28,000 had been raised. Painting of the complete church exterior during the summer was authorized from operating funds, at $8600. When we adequate funds are available from the fundraising, this money will be restored to operating funds.

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