2020 was a difficult year for America, our families, and Richland Church. I am proud to announce that the Board of Richland Restoration League (Board) has raised the funds necessary to authorize the complete removal of, and replacement of the left side foundation. Fully two-thirds of the funds came through individual donations from the friends and families of Richland Church.

The additional one-third came through three grants that were applied for by the Board, or previous members of the Board. More information on the grantors to come. The Board of is greatly appreciative of the donations, and the grants received.

We are in talks to with the contractor, on scheduling start of work.


Richland Restoration League pays our monthly and yearly obligations from membership dues, program ticket sales, and gifts. Most important of these is the annual renewal of individual or family memberships (see the Membership Page). Additionally, we pay for minor repairs to the Church Building, and program and promotional expenses.

I can not understate the significance of your faithfulness in maintaining your membership’s current. With your help we can keep Richland Church’s outreach to Middle Georgia and beyond, relevant, and vital for our children, and their children. Thank You.


Major universities and historic organizations understand that funding to maintain operations is a long- range planning event.  Endowments are the primary tool for meeting long range financial needs.

Endowments are initiated by tax deductible gifts or grants to an organization. These gifts or grants can be made by and individual, a group, or an estate. These gifts are placed into an investment account for future needs of the organization. The Endowment has set of regulations for how it managed, and how the funds committed to it and their growth are to be managed. If you are interested in becoming a founding member of an Endowment for Richland Restoration League either thru a gift, or thru your estate please contact us. Your gift or bequest can become a living legacy for you and your family, and fund Richland Church into the future.